Our story....

“I was officially born among the tables and strictly on the day off!
It couldn’t have gone any different since my parents are caterers.
I grew up in Cortina d’Ampezzo, where my parents and my maternal grandmother have managed a restaurant in the pearl of Dolomites for 22 years.
They initially became famous for their homemade pasta because every morning my grandmother Ada would roll out the dough with the rolling pin on our porch!
Then my dad came along and brought the restaurant to the forefront of italian cuisine with his great professionalism, passion, devotion and talents!
My mom Donata helped in the dining room as a wine steward and by being an overall great woman of innate hospitality!
The perfect match: great cuisine that blends tradition and innovation with the greatest hospitality, as only the Romagna people can do!
Since childhood I was taught good taste, from how to make cappelletti and garganelli to the business and art of the food service industry.
I had to follow in the footsteps of my family to continue this amazing business.
25 years ago, once we sold the restaurant, we moved to Romagna where my parents, with a touch of madness and great courage, bought and renovated VILLA ROTA, an 18th-century elegant villa and old country estate of Pasolini Dall’Onda’s family. Villa Rota became the creative soul of our business.
After I finished my studying and experienced America and London, I returned to the fold to help out my parents.
We own a full-fledged family business, a real strength in today’s impersonal and industrial society.
I’m in public relations and I try to convey to the customers our passion and devotion behind everything we do.
I’m blessed to have my dad behind me in charge of the kitchen as a Chef and owner who coordinates and monitors his team and my mom who teaches me the most difficult job in the world…. Making people happy ! :-)”