The History

Villa Rota is an aristocratic villa located in Ravenna, belonged until mid 1900 to the family of  earls Pasolini, it was their countryside residence up to the  World War I. Built at the beginning of the century XVIII, it still maintains the architectural style of Romagna villa-castle, typical of sixteenth and seventeenth century , which combined  entertainment and security functions. Villa Rota has no external access hall for safety reasons, despite having a large welcoming portal on the first floor which gives light to the central hall featuring delicate skilfully restored frescoes.

The four symmetrical rooms at the  sides of the hall have  interesting decorative elements such as the beautiful functioning  Baroque fireplace and linear decorations of different colours for each room. A beautiful park, full of trees and ornamental plants surrounds the villa. Hidden among the trees there is the small family oratory, in classical style.

Where we are

Villa Rota is the perfect location for weddings, parties, birthdays and any other event you want to organize, within the framework of a fascinating and class place . A strategic location for those who want to get married in Italy, visit our cities and our beaches. Villa Rota is located 10 minutes away  from Ravenna, ancient city of art, where you can find excellent hotels, at just one hour by train or by car from the most beautiful cities in Italy: Bologna, Venice, Florence and at half an hour from the Adriatic coast, to spend  a relaxing  day on the beach.

The spaces

The internal and external capacity of the Villa is 230 persons. The Villa will be exclusively reserved  for the entire day of your choice. The spaces available are the Centennial Park – garden front and back – 1 hectare, and the interior of the villa – lounge on the ground floor and first floor. Villa Rota  will be the ideal place for weddings and private parties in an unforgettable setting. There is a private parking  with valet service.


The estimation includes the catering service, directly and internally looked after  by the awarded Chef Walter Bianconi  and by the  staff of  Dove Vuoi Catering,  and the Wedding Planner service: Carolina Bianconi will be on hand for advices and suggestions on the most suitable suppliers to follow your wedding, helping to coordinate your event.

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