Your catering service for dream events

Brainchild of chef Walter Bianconi and his wife Donata, who spent together 22 years in Cortina d’Ampezzo leading to success their restaurant, Where You want Catering is the story of a family business, now in its second generation.

A very high quality catering service, confirmed not only by the talented kitchen staff, but also by a great ability to interpret the becoming in the restaurants world.

Walter, former founding president of the Italian section of the European Young Restaurateurs Association, proposes an itinerant restaurant with a basic concept: quality. Considered by many the “chef of Vip”, Bianconi operates with a strong staff of professionals at public events, private occasions, official celebrations. 20 years ago Walter and Donata bought and restored Villa Rota, aristocratic villa of the 1700, in Ravenna, surrounded by a park, which becomes the venue and the starting point of this itinerant restaurant which can move anywhere with equipment and installations suitable for any kind of event. From dinners in ancient palaces in Venice, Bologna, Padua, up at parties in Porto Cervo, in Saint Tropez and again in Cortina, where the Company has contributed to the great party of Vanessa and Alberto at the Ice Stadium, transformed for the occasion in a fairytale setting.

In Cortina was born and raised “among the tables” the daughter Carolina, who after her law degree, has attended a master’s degree in organization of events in San Diego and in London, to be professionally qualified to support  Walter and Donata  in the management of the Company. Carolina, thanks to her young age, always manages to establish a special feeling with the young couples,  sometimes creating a true affective relationship with customers who often become friends.

A relation of consolidated confidence also and above all thanks to the high quality food, real point of strength of all the activity, required by a growing number of customers who see the chef Walter Bianconi as a reference and a guarantee of professionalism and success of any important event.

Villa Rota, the operational headquarters, but also location of many events, and Where You Want Catering, itinerant food service, now represent the two souls of the same activity, as well as the heart of a family devoted to the organization of unforgettable events.

We love our job...

1. Briefing

The meeting with the customers is the most important moment to get in touch with them, by creating the right empathy, interpreting their tastes about food and atmosphere. For this reason, after sending the estimation, it is preferable to schedule a cognitive meeting.

2. Menu Proposal

After the briefing, our staff will draw up a menu maintaining the right balance between seasonality and customer needs, including proposals specially created to make your event unique and unrepeatable.

3. Tasting and Choice of the Menu

Based on the proposed menu, on the occasion of tasting, Where You Want Catering will host you in the setting of Villa Rota for an experience of flavors. This is our best calling card, and an opportunity to get to know the cuisine of Chef Walter Bianconi.

4. Site Inspection

Where You Want Catering can get everywhere: from the waterfront to the historic residences, from the snowy peaks to the convention centres. A few months before the event we will make a site visit to the chosen location to evaluate the space and needs.

5. Support to the Event

In addition to the classic activities of catering, our staff offers various services in support of your event: from music, photographers, flower arrangements, to the hire of tensile structures, advising and supporting you with excellent collaborators and partners.

6. The Event

On the wedding day, we’ll be on place and unexceptionable: we’ll prepare  the kitchen, the tables, will set up the location, the buffet, and once all the guests will be arrived, we will serve sequentially the dishes you select. We will be attentive to the event, but also to details, always focused in making the difference.

Plan your event with us!