A family dedicated to organizing events unforgettable...

The Bianconi Family comprises of the owner Chef Walter Bianconi, his wife Donata and his daughter Carolina. Carolina deals with marketing and event management.
This family run business that now is in its second generation.

Walter Bianconi resided in Cortina for 22 years where he owned a very popular and successful restaurant. In 1990 He embarked on new project: “Dove vuoi Catering”, a travelling restaurant with 3 important rules:

• Highest quality of raw materials
• Seasonal products
• Professionalism and passion of the Chef

20 years ago Walter and Donata bought Villa Rota, a noble villa in Ravenna built at the beginning of the XVIII century.

Villa Rota became the creative soul of the business, with a kitchen equipped with all instruments to succeed and giving the chef a real strength to conduct his business.

The Bianconi’s family fundamental concept is, high quality food combined with excellent service… at Villa Rota or where ever you want….Translated into Italian, “Dove vuoi catering”.

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